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Passenger® is an app server that runs and automanages your web apps with ease. Also improves security, reliability and scalability. Learn more.

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Passenger 6 has arrived

Passenger 6 introduces standardization across your stack by supporting all languages.

Over 650,000 sites use Passenger

From business critical apps with billions of requests per day to small side projects, Passenger is tailored for each scenario.

Supercharge Your Web App

Passenger has a myriad of features that are invaluable to today’s web apps and microservice APIs. You get these benefits (and more) by simply installing Passenger with Nginx or Apache. Learn how.


Passenger was built with high performance and efficiency in mind. With Passenger’s zero-copy architecture, turbocaching and support for multiple concurrency models, you can count on Passenger to get the most out of your hardware.


Passenger auto-manages your apps’ processes, restarting them and itself if they ever crash. Passenger also keeps resource hogging apps in check, giving your web app maximum uptime.


A tool is only as good as its users are able to wield it. Passenger comes with world class documentation to allow you to fully leverage its features.


Passenger protects your web apps from various malicious attacks like slow client attacks, common HTTP parser exploits and privilege escalations.


Passenger was battle-tested with some of the most demanding web apps for over a decade. This makes it one of the toughest app servers to date, currently powering over 650,000 web apps.


Deploy all your apps from one Passenger instance in seconds, regardless of the language they’re written in. No need to fiddle around with multiple app servers and proxies anymore!

You too can deploy apps with confidence

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