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Get the most concurrency out of your hardware.


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Prevent downtime from misbehaving apps.

Create a custom pricing plan in 4 easy steps

Our pricing plans were designed to be crystal clear, flexible (cancel at any time) and to suit your custom needs. Need a quote instead? Contact sales.


How much RAM does your server cluster have in total for your web apps?

For example, if you want to run Passenger® Enterprise on a production cluster of 3 servers, with respectively 2, 16 and 4 GB of RAM, then the total RAM of your production servers combined is: 2 + 16 + 4 = 22GB.

Production Cluster’s Total RAM

E.g. customer facing servers. Starting at $22.02 p/m.


Non-Production Cluster’s Total RAM

E.g. testing, staging, development and QA servers. Starting at $10.43 p/m.


Yearly or monthly subscription?

Save up to 33% by opting for a yearly subscription. Payments are processed by FastSpring, and can be completed via Paypal or Creditcard.

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Contact sales for wire transfer and/or Purchase Order options for transactions exceeding $40,000.


Choose your support plan

Get world class support from our engineers for your Passenger Enterprise powered production environment. Didn’t find the right support offering for you, or need additional services like training and/or consultancy? Contact our sales team to discuss custom options.

Please add a production cluster in order to select a support plan

Standard business hours

All low/medium severity issues are covered during standard business hours from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon-Fri (Central European Time CET). Only high/urgent severity issues are covered 24x7 with a response time of 2 hours.

§ Fair use policy applies

Clients with high support levels get higher priority

Maximum 4 hours/year

Maximum 8 hours/year


Summary of Pricing Plan

Once you’re comfortable with your choice of plan, head to checkout to complete your order. Orders are fulfilled by our payment gateway provider FastSpring.

Yearly Costs

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