Passenger 6 Generic Language Support is our answer to a world increasingly polyglot

Passenger 6 brings standardization, allowing teams to move faster and with more confidence.

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Onboard team members faster. Reduce inconsistencies across your stack. Share and retain operational knowledge.

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Write less code and reduce infrastructure complexity. Automate repetitive tasks and focus on your core business.

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1 build, no more painful orchestration and nail biting. Stress-free deploys, even on Friday's!

What’s Generic Language Support made of?

We started the GLS effort with writing an outline for us internally and for anyone who’d like to contribute to the Passenger project. To that same end, we also recorded a livestream where we share more about Passenger’s architecture and design.

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Introducing Generic Language Support

We get a load of requests for supporting language x. Some are for fringe frameworks, others are for the likes of .NET. We decided instead to add support for all languages…

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Getting started

For most of your apps, and a sufficient level of DevOps experience, our generic guide will work just fine. But just in case, we wrote tutorials for Rust, Go, Java, Swift and Elixir.

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